Twist Teas

When it comes to relaxing nothing can beat a nice cup of tea, the nations favourite. But with so many choices to choose from which do you try. Usually you stick with the same one year after year which is great but sometimes it’s good to try something new and that’s where our Twist Teas can come into play. Choose from loads of different flavours from the big and bold to the light and delicate, something for any occasion and taste preference. You can shop by collection as well to make it easy to try something new.

If you know someone who really loves their cuppa then you can try our Twist Teas Tasting Box.  This lovely gift contains 12 samples of our flavours and blends for you to try.  The package even fits through your letterbox too and you get 10% off all other products and accessories. You can choose a 6 or 12 month subscription as well.  You can even choose if you want your leaf’s bagged or loose as well so you can make your cuppa your way.

We also sell selection boxes which include 4 different flavours all designed to excite and tingle the taste buds.  This is tea but with subtle differences and flavours.  Perfect for when you have guests round or to relax at home after a hard day. If you know a tea over in your life then this is the perfect gift for them.

Twist Teas

Each of our Twist Teas has a hidden extra that makes it taste just a little different, not too much but enough to notice.  So it gives you an extra zing and you get amazing combinations to try that you would never have thought of.  You can even get caffeine free too and they make an ideal gift for a love done or family member.  You can buy our Twist Teas in free leaf format or already bagged ready to use.  So how you brew up is entirely up to you.

Our Puds Without Sin flavours are delicious guilt free pudding teas that pack a punch. They don’t contain caffeine, have no added sugar or sweeteners and hardly any calories at all. These are perfect to indulge in without worrying about the ingredients.  

Our tasting menu box contains 12 delicious flavours for just £12. 12 amazing fruit and herbal flavours for you to try. Try them all with friends and see which flavours you prefer the best.  There is literally something for everyone taste wise from our selection.

A few examples of our flavours include: Whole Leaf: Raspberry Choc Kiss, Choffee Mint, Classic Earl, Strawberry Rose, Refresher Green, Earl Great, Passionfruit & Rose, Mint Choc Chip, TwentyFourSeven, Brewdolph, Breakfast Boost.

Why not try our Cold Brews tasting menu. 12 delicious fruity and tropical flavours , each made with a different blend.  These are perfect for brewing in cold water and drinking over ice or with sparkling water. Equally they also taste great with hot water too.  Perfect blends for both warm or cold days throughout the year.  Flavours include: Cold Brews: Apple & Blueberry, Summer Berries, Strawberry & Rose, Banana Shake, Passionfruit & Rose, and Lemongrass & Coconut. There’s something for everyone with our Twist Teas tasting menu.