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How to use consumer power to lower your waste footprint πŸ’ͺ🏼

The results of The Big Plastic Count are in and it has concluded that in the UK, we throw away an average of 66 pieces of disposable packaging every week which amounts to 100 BILLION PIECES EVERY YEAR. And that’s just us!

The most common item to be thrown away was fruit and vegetable packaging followed by snack bags, packets and wrappers 🍫
How did we ever need our veg wrapped pointlessly in plastic? Can we not emulate the ‘old days’ when your produce was purchased loose and wrapped in a PAPER bag?

The good news is that yes, we can πŸ˜… It’s up to government and businesses to force some well overdue change but let’s do our bit too.

Bring your own veg or bread bag to the shops and buy your veg loose. Maybe even support your local greengrocer (if you have one!) and use your all important spending power to support a local independent business.

Use the pack of wax wraps that someone bought for you that have been left in the kitchen drawer and you haven’t got around to trying yet. We keep ours rolled and ready to go in an reused plant pot by the hob! Not only do they look really pretty, but we never forget to use them πŸ’‘

Throw a pouch of reusable cutlery in your bag if you think you’ll be eating on the go or skip the Tupperware and stash your lunch in a totally eco-friendly tiffin lunchbox instead πŸ₯—

Also, think carefully about what you’re going to be throwing in your green bin because just 12% of it will be recycled in the UK and another 17% recycled abroad 🚒 An astonishing 25% of plastic is dumped in landfill and 46% is incinerated.

This is the first time our usage has been recorded this accurately and it’s truly shocking.

We have the power to change this, let’s do it! πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’šπŸΌ

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