Seedballs – The Easy Way To Grow Wildflowers

Our Seedballs have been created by Conservation Scientists to make growing wildflowers from seed simpler. Seed balls are their own mini ecosystem, protecting seed from birds, ants and slugs and giving them the nutrition they need to have a head start. With Seed balls you don’t have to have any gardening expertise. There is no need to propagate the seed, or even plant it! Just pop on top of soil, water and watch grow! Each seed ball has up to 100 seeds, a mixture of species suited to different conditions. Seed balls are made from a unique blend of seed, clay (to protect the seed from ants, mice, birds etc.) peat free compost (to give seeds a boost) and chilli powder (an extra predator deterrent). This ancient technique of seed propagation provides all the nutrition and protection that a seed requires for its early growth – which is particularly useful for growing wildflowers, as their seeds often takes longer to germinate and grow than other garden plants.

Grow your wildflowers in any space; whether you have a spare patch of garden or tubs on a balcony, it doesn’t matter! The important thing is to grow these vital Plants For Pollinators and keep our wildlife thriving.

Our Seedballs are also available as a bundle with our sustainable bamboo plant pots, the perfect combination. Or for a fantastic gift to a special gardener, try our Seedball Gift Box. Simply choose three tins from our Seedball range and either a red or purple gift box. We’ll even wrap it in our signature red paper for you!