Agriworks Manual Plate Meter (Price includes VAT)


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The Agriworks Manual Plate Meter is an accurate, robust and easy-to-use rising plate pasture meter. The plate is available in either plastic or aluminium.



Effective feed budgeting is the key to meeting the needs of grazing livestock whilst optimising pasture use efficiency and maintaining pasture quality. Red Panda offer a range of Agriworks rising plate meters to help monitor pasture growth, calculate pasture dry matter and create an effective feed budget.

Agriworks Manual Plate Meter

The Agriworks Manual Plate Meter has a walking stick handle design and removable plate. The walking stick handle design and removable plate also make the Plate Meter easy to transport, store and carry between paddocks.

The plate meter produces highly repeatable results for accuracy that’s second only to cutting, drying and weighing pasture samples, a method that’s impractical on-farm. The result is a series of accurate measurements of grass height that also accounts for any variation in pasture density.

Two simple counters total the meter readings taken and count the number of individual readings, allowing quick and easy calculation of an average reading for each paddock.

An instruction handbook is included with each Agriworks Manual Plate Meter. In addition, a Carry Bag and Electronic Conversion kit are available separately as optional extras

Instructions on how to convert rising plate pasture meter readings to pasture cover and pasture dry matter values can be found in the handbook. The recommended conversion for the UK is x 125 +640

  • Accurate measurement — second only to cutting, drying and weighing pasture samples.
  • Measurement range — 0-250mm of compressed pasture height
  • Walking stick handle — for easy transport and storage.
  • Simple to use — cumulative pasture counter automatically totals pasture height readings.
  • Hand-calibrated — ensures readings taken by all Folding Plate Meters are comparable.
  • Repairable — without changing reading accuracy, allowing new results to be compared to old.
  • Reliable — high quality materials and accurate manufacturing ensure reliability and long service life.
  • Adjustable — sample counter position can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.
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