Here at Red Panda we sell a wide variety of items, these include leaf wraps, beeswax sandwich wrappers and BeeBee Wraps to keep your food fresher for longer, these are made by BeeBee Wraps and are suitable for all food types and can even cover containers and tubs too such is the versatility of beeswax food wraps and BeeBee Wraps. We also make eating time fun with our popular bamboo plates and bamboo bowls to buy online.  These also come in multi people dining packs for the family too. For the winter to help you keep warm we have a wide range of ankle welly socks too in all different colours.  

Beeswax Sandwich Wrappers

These come in a wide variety of sizes, suitable for any food type. Ideal for lunch boxes or for picnics too. Save on bulky boxes and plastic containers. Available in multi packs too so each family member can use one. Our beeswax sandwich wrappers are an ideal alternative to bulky containers. We also sell lead wraps. We even show you how to use them too with our handy videos. Buy online now.

Bamboo Bowls

We make dinner time fun with our ethical products such as our bamboo bowls, available in a wide variety of colours. Suitable for adults and kids and you can even purchase dining packs suitable for large families too. Our bamboo bowls are an ideal accompaniment to your meal times. Get them delivered fast to your door too when ordering online today. Ideal for trips away or garden parties.

BeeBee Wraps

We sell an assortment of wax BeeBee wraps. Keep anything fresh for longer from popcorn to fruit and veg. Far better then clingfilm and re-usable too. They are also plastic free so better for the environment. You can purchase these online and we deliver direct to your door. You can even watch tutorials on how to wrap various foods with our BeeBee wraps. Order online today with fast delivery.

Beeswax Food Wraps

Keeping food fresh means less wastage and of course less spend. The amount we throw away is alarming and these handy beeswax food wraps can be just what you need. They make food last longer and of course you can cut down on the plastic you use also. Beeswax food wraps are the ultimate handy item for when you want to take food out to work or on a picnic. Easy to clean and lightweight too.

Leaf Wraps

We also sell handy leaf wraps too to keep your food and sandwiches fresher for longer. Avoid waste and having to throw food away and save money too. You could even make those busy shopping trips few and far between by making your shopping last longer. Buy online leaf wraps direct to your door. Safe and secure ordering online too with a secure checkout. Perfect for picnics and trips away with the family. Keeping food fresher for longer and also lightweight too so leaf wraps are perfect for hikes and walking tours too as less bulky. Don’t forget they can also be used time and time again too. Perfect to use instead of heavy and bulky lunch boxes so you have more room in your bag thanks to our Leaf Wraps.