It’s Plastic-free July!! What Eco Swaps Can I make? Leave a comment

Happy Plastic-free July everyone!

You’re in the right place if you are looking to make those important swaps from products containing plastic that are giving you angst at home.

You could start by spicing up your space whether it is your living room, bathroom, bedroom or hallway with some of our super handy jute baskets in warm, natural tones. These are a great way to keep your home tidy or ideal for showing off your nicest things.

Swap that plastic soap dish in the bathroom or by the kitchen sink for one of our hand carved

olive wood soap dishes complete with drainage holes. These are carved from olive trees that have been put into retirement from growing olives all their lives (so tiring!) and have earnt a rest. Goodbye plastic soap dish!

Make breakfast or indeed dinner a bit more swish and try our coconut bowl sets. These are really stunning and we have three designs for you to choose from. All bowls come with a spoon made from repurposed wood and look fantastic filled with ramen, stir fries, salad or how about a poke bowl? These coconuts are a by-product of the coconut milk and oil industries and would otherwise be burned. It feels good to help the environment, doesn’t it?

We have some beautiful organic bamboo cutlery rolls that come complete with a reusable straw and coconut fibre cleaning brush, but did you know that we also have cutlery made from ebony? These are our premium sets and look really striking. The rich, dark wood has been repurposed from offcuts from the furniture making industry and has been hand-crafted into these elegant sets. Take them out with you when planning a picnic or lunch al fresco or keep them for your table at home. Toodle-oo plastic cutlery!

Here’s a really easy eco swap for you! Wave goodbye to horrible plastic straws that are clogging up our oceans and killing wildlife and use our bamboo straw duo packs as an alternative. Each pair come with a coconut fibre cleaning brush inside a colourful and super cute jute bag. You can use these at the bar or restaurant, in your milkshake at the café or any cool drinks at home. They are dishwasher safe and so simple to pop into your pocket or handbag. Voila, a new habit and eco swap!

Here at Red Panda, we have so many ways to change your buying habits and try something new and eco-friendly. It need never be difficult to go plastic-free and there’s no better feeling knowing that you made a great choice today 💚



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