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If you are more of a garden clog kind of person, these are ideal for popping out the back or pottering around the garden.

Today I’ll be telling you about how to use wood fibre pots for transplanting small plants direct without root disturbance. I have used Vitapots from Red Panda to grow healthy seedlings.

Vitapots come in pairs but can be split for singles and allow for easier penetration of water, air and roots. Made from wood fibre, Vitapots exhibit good pot strength, flexibility and excellent water absorption. Whether growing from seed, cuttings or young plants, Vitapots encourage strong and vigorous root growth, ensuring healthy plants. By transplanting the whole pot, plant roots are protected from damage. The roots will grow freely through the sides of the pot, which being free from artificial binders and glue, fully biodegrade into the soil.

I have planted broad bean seeds for Sprout & Flower in Mere, direct into the Vitapots. Once germinated, they have grown on very strongly and the roots are already showing through the pot. 

To plant out, do not remove the plant from the pot but simply make a hole and plant out the complete pot. Firm the soil around the pot so that it is completely covered. Water the pot and surrounding area thoroughly and do not allow it to dry out during the first few days after planting.

I am selling these in packs of six in a cardboard punnet which is fully recyclable and degradable which fits in with the Red Panda ethos of keeping it compostable! 

So if you have any questions about using Vitapots for seeds, cuttings or transplant methods, give me a shout on Instagram or YouTube @englishmanofthesoil or post a comment on here and I will get back to you. I will be happy to help.

Enjoy your gardening! 🍅

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