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Have you heard about our range of Evercreatures Wellies?

Winter is well established now and, of course, we’re (at the time of writing), in lockdown again, so there are two things we need to make sure of:

  • that we all get that permitted hour outdoors for exercise whatever the weather and
  • cheer ourselves up in any way that we can.

Bet you didn’t think a pair of wellies could help with both did you?

Well, Red Panda want to tell you that wellies can – our Evercreatures range of wellies that is!

If you’re looking for the perfect family of wellies, then we have you covered here at Red Panda – and they’re just that bit funkier, too. Bold colours, eye-catching designs that pop off your feet when you walk by, spots, stripes flowers, gnomes and everything in between – there’s even a pair of I Do Wedding Wellies, so there’s sure to be something you’ll love. Your welly wardrobe will thank you for adding the extravagance that our gorgeous range of Evercreatures wellies will bring to it.

What’s more, grown-ups AND children can get in on the act because short or tall, ankle or kids, we have styles and sizes to suit everybody.

Every box comes with a unique promise: we love the planet, and we want to help protect it, one product at a time.

We promise that:

  • Our wellies are sustainable and eco-friendly made from the very best mix of rubber
  • That the wellies you buy and wear are as good, if not better, than the market-leading brands
  • They are made from all-natural rubber, responsibly sourced from the best plantations around the world
  • The unique Evercreatures moulded design and padded inner, means they are super soft and comfortable enough to wear even when the elements aren’t against you
  • The box you open is always 100% recycled, vegan and eco-friendly

Oh, and did we mention that they keep your feet dry and warm too?

Whether you’re in a field, park or puddle or just nipping to the shop down the street; go walking with confidence because Evercreatures Wellies from Red Panda are fab, funky and fun wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

Red Panda is an official Evercreatures stockist.

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