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Growing Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes is so rewarding and even if you don’t have a greenhouse, try and find a sunny corner for a growbag or a couple of pots. You will be astonished how good the flavour is of fresh picked tomatoes from your own vines, compared to shop-bought ones.

Growing tomatoes isn’t easy but they are not in the ‘difficult’ category either. If you are new to growing them, you might find it easiest to buy some plants from a reputable nursery or garden centre. Tomatoes are either ‘cordons’ or ‘bush’ types. Most varieties are cordon, that is, they grow up a single stalk. The main requirements are keeping the tomatoes safe from frost until all danger has passed, pinching out the side-shoots and feeding/watering for a good harvest.

A lot of people are confused about pinching out side-shoots; see my YouTube video for help on this here. Next spring I will be posting regularly on the tomato journey from sowing seed to planting to training and managing the plants. In the meantime, if you have tomatoes, be patient if they are not fruiting, August is the heaviest month for harvests. And enjoy those flavours! ?

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