Bamboo + Wood Fibre Plant Pots

Our Green Tones pots are made of bamboo fibre; a recycled alternative to plastic, glassware and ceramics. If you’ve got totally green fingers, you’ll love our larger-sized flower pots. For the garden, greenhouse or home, these look fantastic made up with smaller plants, herbs or fruits, particularly when displayed alongside other colours. They can be adapted to your exact purpose featuring pre-pressed holes that can be pushed out with a screwdriver or bradawl for drainage as required. Our Green Tones range is made entirely from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials that are heat resistant, and waterproof – they can also withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees, and are also UV resistant.

Bamboo Fibre is durable, non-toxic, dishwasher safe, lends itself to sleek and sharp designs and comes in a fantastic range of products and colours. Most important of all; when the time comes for you to throw your Green Tones product away it will breakdown and biodegrade in landfill over 3-5 years, leaving a much lower footprint than other materials.

Our bamboo pots are also available as a bundle with your choice of Seedballs. 

We have also added wood fibre pots to our eco-friendly range for the keen gardener 🌱
The composition of these pots is mostly comprised of fibres and organic pulp and they are free from artificial binders and glues. 100% biodegradable, these wood fibre pots can be transplanted whole to protect more delicate roots, but are not reusable.

Ideal for seed germination and transplantation of small plants and cuttings, these pots provide excellent value. Strong, yet flexible enough to allow roots to grow through the pot, they are designed to be transplanted whole to prevent damage to delicate roots unlike reusable pots. Flexible, natural fibres allow for easy penetration of water, air and roots and as they only contain natural materials, the pots fully break down in soil.

Fill the pot with good quality compost, level and firm gently.
Sowing Seeds
Sow a couple of seeds in each pot, cover lightly with compost. Remove weaker seedlings after germination.
Transplanting Seeds Sown in Trays
Transplant to pot when leaves are sufficiently developed. Create a hole in the compost in your wood fibre pot, then gently remove seedling from tray and lower in the root or cutting. Firm compost around stem.
Water immediately after sowing or transplanting. Pot will darken in colour with sufficient moisture. Do not allow pot to dry out.
Planting Out
When roots begin to grow through the pot, simply make a hole in your soil and plant complete. Firm the soil around the pot, ensuring it is completely covered. Water thoroughly for the first few days.