Our Sustainable And User-Friendly Cup Search Is Over! But Which Brand Is It?? Leave a comment

Which reusable cup wins the crown??

I’ve been searching for a great recycled and recyclable reusable drinks cup for a while now and I’m ecstatic (and relieved πŸ˜…) to say that I have finally found one! πŸ₯€πŸŒŸ

The winners are the brilliant cups from Circular + Co!! πŸ† They are the worlds first cup made from recycled single-use coffee cups; every cup uses a brilliant 6 whole discarded paper cups. Cheers to that πŸ₯‚

I have tried collapsible ones (look snazzy but very fiddly, wobbly and potentially dangerous) and other screw top ones that either poured badly, weren’t totally leakproof or just basically didn’t keep your drink hot at all grrr! 🧊 πŸ™„

Nobody wants their outfit ruined by drink pouring over their chin and all down their front. Believe me, I have experienced this in the shop (brilliant) when testing cups from some very well known brands and it’s even less fun when the drink is scalding hot πŸ”₯πŸ‘Ž

My long search is over and we now stock the large-size 12oz version of the Circular + Co cup which I think makes more sense. Not only for the latte-lovers amongst you but especially when wanting to take a cold drink out with you when the weather is warmer 🌞

They all have a 360Β° drinking capacity allowing you to take in the full aroma of your coffee while you sip your drink, are top drawer dishwasher safe, each has a potential 10 year life span and is 100% recyclable ♻️ Plus you can open them with one hand woo! πŸ‘

Also Voted Best Overall Reusable Coffee Cup Winner 2021 and 2022 in The Independent newspaper Best Buy Awards, yesss πŸ₯‡

We are stocking these fab colourways: Black + Electric Yellow, Black + Faraway Blue and Cream + Olive 😍
They’re totally brilliant and you can shop now for them here!

You can also find them in our Sherborne eco store πŸͺ if you’re in lovely Dorset. Find us on South Street (between Cheap Street and Sainsburys) πŸ’š 🐼

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